Archiving River Parana
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With Kyung Jae Kim

Buenos Aires celebrates nature’s most valuable assets: River Parana is the second longest river in South America. The River Parana creates a massive watershed that reaches nearly all of the South American continent, embracing a large part of world’s ecosystem for billions of species. This vertical zoo exhibits the precious ecosystem of the River Parana. The zoo, located at the east edge of the Rio de la Plata, near the “Costanera Sur” Ecological Reserve, will work as an ecological library to collect critical habitats of the river. An extensive archive of the regional ecosystem will honor the River Parana's own biological heritage in preservation for the next generation. Seven critical regions along with the river are selected to archive. Different vegetation patterns from the regions are distributed vertically and everything from the animals to the floral patterns will be located on same level. Five endangered animals in the region are also introduced to prevent them from extinction. These animals, in combination with exotic species, will enrich the diversity of the new archived ecosystem and provide future educational opportunities for the citizens in Puerto Madero.