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Beam/cloud/disruption is an installation using laser projection and reflection to create an illuminated, virtual geometric landscape floating inside of a cloud of fog. The main concept is that light is given presence and intensity by the material and spatial medium through which it is transmitted and consequently redefines the material through which it passes. By controlling the trajectory of light projection and situating it within an immaterial medium of atomized mist, an evanescent yet deceptively precise structure of light is created. Through user interaction, the structure of light can be disrupted, oscillated, and reconfigured through human material form.

Geometrically, the projected beams of light resemble a simple triangulated surface that is 3-dimensional in nature, with rises, falls, and aspects, ultimately creating virtual enclosure in addition to geometric form. Technically, the installation is created using an array of vertical metal rods upon which small mirrors are attached at precise angles of incidence and reflection to control the path of the laser. Small laser projectors are also attached to the rods at precise orientations to bounce in infinite path of light through the mirrors which ultimately terminate in the sky and on the ground. A fogging device creates the material through which the laser light passes and is given visual presence. As the rate of fog creation ebbs and flows, the light geometry fades and rightens making the installation visually dynamic and atmospheric.

User interaction occurs when a person, walking through the light and fog, bends the light to the shape of their body, becoming a player in the performance of light. Interaction also takes place when someone touches the vertical rods, causing them to sway and oscillate in such a way that the laser projection is disrupted, creating a sort of signal-to-noise effect of the geometry coming in and out of view. Imagined on the waterfront below Transmitter park, the installation responds to the historic and iconic signal and beam activities of the former WNYC site. Just as the site was once a source of radio, sound, and information projection, our installation will project light and geometry to the audience of the city and the festival.

Finalist, Bring to Light, Nuit Blanche NYC 2011