Elegance : Tectonics
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Elegance is the characteristic of being effective, yet unusually simple. The proof of a mathematical theorem is considered to have mathematical elegance if it is surprisingly simple yet effective and constructive; similarly, a computer program or algorithm is elegant if it uses a small amount of intuitive code to great effect. A truss is a physical manifestation of elements in a pattern. As the truss is the basic point of departure for this system, new surface is developed through re-arranging this pattern. By shifting some joints in only one direction, changing the period, the entire structure can be changed to a different phase. To keep the joints in pin connection as in a truss, the joint part is designed to rotate easily but be fixable. After adjusting and securing the joint position, the surface is fabricated by determining the length of the beams and the shape of the enclosing panels from the overall model. With simple and effective operability housed in each structural component, a material and spatial system with constructive variability is produced.

Finalist, Tectonics 2007: International Student Design Competition