Rechargeable Bin
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The primary concept for our electronic waste bin proposal is detaching the necessity for a sign from the function of the bin as a collection, to emphasize each independently. While existing garbage bins do not need to be noticeable, the new bin must be recognizable to serve the electronics recycling program. Because of its weight and size, electronic waste is not easy to handle after collection. Once filled, the box can be disconnected from the sign pole, carried to disposal site or conveyance. As such, the main box is designed for carrying as well as collecting. As all separation occurs at the disposal facility, the bin can be "recharged" by another empty bin immediately

One size sign pole fits to all boxes with three sizes.
Top :Small e-waste(LxWxH) -Inkjet cartridges, Toner cartridge, Cell phones
Bottom :Large e-waste (LxWxH) -Office machines, Computers, Televisions, Electonics

Finalist for the 4th Bin International Competition