Yong Ju Lee and Brian Brush are partners in the New York-based design collaboration E/B Office, founded in 2008 (formerly SoftRigid). We create works which inhabit all scales of the built environment: from products, furniture and interiors, to buildings, public art, and strategic master plans. Innovative and visionary, we aspire to build high-resolution environments with exceptional intelligence, beauty, and integrity.

Environmental acuity and a critical digital ethic are core values of our work. We feel it’s our responsibility as digital architects to bridge the digital/environmental divide with work that delivers low-latency physical results: real projects that are virtually indistinguishable from their digital visions. To this end we utilize precise design and fabrication tools which enable accuracy and reliability in the design process. With keen interest in how the direct relationship between information and architecture has implications for another dimension of intelligent design beyond conservation, we project architecture imbued with the ability to observe, think, and communicate as a dynamic environmental interface. To us, information is an instrumental material in architecture, and we are crafting a way to build with it.